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Why Hire a Professional Auctioneer?

#1  Important to your overall fundraising efforts…

Many Non-Profit and Benefit organizations spend a great deal of time planning and preparing for their Annual Galas. Time is taken to find the right venue, caterers and entertainment. Using a Professional Auctioneer is just as important to your overall fundraising efforts as making sure your guests are enjoying the evening.

#3  Will work with you, ensuring a smooth & profitable event…

Most Benefit Auctioneer Specialists (BAS) include time lines, offer suggestions of Live Auction Item order and can help with the evening’s agenda or program. Working with a Professional, BAS Certified auctioneer will attending Committee Meetings and work with the Fundraising Chairperson months prior to the event to ensure a smooth and profitable evening.

#2 Read a crowd, excite the audience & initiate competition..

Local Celebrities, Parents or Friends of the Organization may be tempting to use as the Live Auctioneer; however, it takes more than a strong voice and quick wit would make a good auctioneer. Professional Auctioneers are trained on reading a crowd, exciting the audience and initiate a competitive spirit between donors. Setting a fast pace with high energy will create an entertaining part of your overall event and will increase profits and have your donors returning year after year.

#4 On-Line bidding platforms in addition to the Live Auction….

Professional Auctioneers offer special rates for Non-Profit entities and can include Check-in/Check-out services, pre-registration, professional Ringmen (bid callers) and Clerks to keep the lines short during critical times. Some BAS Certified Auctioneers offer On-Line bidding platforms in addition to the Live Auction Portion of the event.